Mandala Health - Naturopathy & Counselling Psychotherapy

Mandala Health is multi-modality, holistic and integrative health-care practice that provides a range of therapeutic services in:


All services at Mandala Health are provided for individuals - adults, adolescents & children -  couples, families and groups.


This unique array of holistic & integrative Mind-Body therapies caters to the full spectrum of physical and psychological - mental, emotional, relational and spiritual - problems that people seek help for, in the life-long pursuit of health and wellbeing.


About Me

Hello, I'm Laura. 


I'm an experienced holistic and integrative healthcare practitioner that provides therapeutic services in naturopathy and counselling psychotherapy. The specialise therapy cater to the diverse array of physical, psychological, spiritual and relational problems or concerns people often seek professional advise and therapeutic help for.


I also work as a lecturer providing education and mentoring services to natural health practitioners at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and I am a trained clinical supervisor and professional mentor for practising counsellors and psychotherapist.


I work with individuals - adults, adolescent and children - as well as couples in relationship, and family groups, all with diverse life experience, developmental background and therapeutic needs.


I maintain respectful and medical relationships with my clients that are confidential, nonjudgemental and non-pathologising. I help individuals explore new perspectives and understand themselves, their relationships and patterns of health that may have eluded them before, in deeper and more meaningful ways.


I believe that human beings share an innate capacity and motivation for conscious growth and healing​ and this experience transcends all levels of our physical and psychological life. As a teacher and therapist, I recognise that we are truly different in the ways that we are challenged in our life and in the ways that we pursue our unique potential for health and healing. We also differ in our ability to be open to opportunity and new experience, for true self-reflection and learning, and for authentic and intimate communication and connection to others. In my work I continue to convey genuine care and interest for all of my client on their unique path to health and happiness.


Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Laura Hvala

MCouns&PsychTh; GradDipNat; DipEd; BSc

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