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Mandala Health is multi-modality, holistic and integrative health-care practice that provides a range of therapeutic services in:


All services at Mandala Health are provided for individuals - adults, adolescents & children -  couples, families and groups.


This unique array of holistic & integrative Mind-Body therapies caters to the full spectrum of physical and psychological - mental, emotional, relational and spiritual - problems that people seek help for, in the life-long pursuit of health and wellbeing.


Your Therapist...

Laura is an experienced holistic and integrative healthcare practitioner who provides professional therapeutic services in counselling psychotherapy and naturopathy. She works with individuals, adult and children, couples and family groups, across a range of mind-body: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and relational health problems that people often seek help for.


Laura is a professional counselling psychotherapist and relationship counsellor. Her approach is guided by the psychodynamic and analytical principles, defined by Carl Jung. Her psychological work with clients focuses on raising consciousness and self-awareness, individuation of the personality, development of healthy relationship skills and management of difficult or painful emotions, such as anger, anxiety, sadness, grief, loneliness disconnection, depression, and despair.

Laura is trained in crisis intervention and the assessment and treatment of trauma. She understands how unresolved stress, particularly involving family history and repeat childhood exposure to physical violence and abuse, emotional neglect, drug and alcohol misuse, personality disorders and other mental health issues can systemically and inter-generationally, impact individuals, families and communities in profound ways. Laura recognises the signs and symptoms of PTSD and chronic complex trauma. She frequently utilises specific trauma-processing interventions, such as eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR), thought field therapy (TFT) and Sandplay therapy.

As a qualified Sandplay therapist, Laura competently applies this effective symbolic strategy, with adults and children, individually, as couples or in family groups. Sandplay immediately and concretely extends perception beyond superficial awareness and provides new visual perspectives about the inner and outer psychological factors influencing the problems at hand.


Laura is also a qualified and experienced naturopath. She extends her expertise beyond functional psychology to complementary alternative medicine (CAM), to specialise in the identification and recovery of complex and systemic affects of chronic stress and trauma. She provides therapeutic life-style and dietary advise, nutrition and herbal medicine treatments, to support metabolism, bring balance to the central nervous system (SNS and PSNS), restore tissue and organ function after physical illness, injury, infections, resolve inflammation and recover from physical, emotional or psycho-social burnout, exhaustion or trauma.


Laura continues to work as an academic lecturer providing education and mentoring services to natural health practitioners at Endeavour College of Natural Health. She is a trained clinical supervisor and professional mentor for practising counsellors & psychotherapists. As an educational mentor, natural health practitioner and counselling psychotherapist, Laura conveys genuine interest, care and understanding of the unique problems and challenges that people encounter in health and illness. She is supportive of clients in their accomplishments & disappointments and encouraging of their unique journey toward physical, emotional, psycho-social or spiritual health and happiness.


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Laura Hvala

MCouns&PsychTh; GradDipNat; DipEd; BSc

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